Saturday, March 18, 2017

Book Review: Coyote Courage by Scott Harris

The big guy, who has still not introduced himself, starts to let his hand drift down toward his low-slung pistol. Thinking he will understand, I say, “You don’t want to do that. I don’t think you’re fast enough.”
He looks again at each of his friends, who have yet to speak or move since I walked in. “Do you think you’re fast enough to take all three of us?"
I enjoy a good conversation as much as the next guy, especially after two weeks on the trail, but I am tiring of this one, so I simply say, “Yes.”

Scott Harris has written a fine western with his first novel, Coyote Courage. It’s a straight forward, tried and true western plot. That’s not a bad thing. His writing is up to the task. It figures, since Mr. Harris is an avid reader (we run around in the same online circle). The man knows his way around oaters, men’s adventure, and vintage paperbacks. It shows in the tale he crafted. There are echoes of Louis L’Amour, particularly A Man Called Noon. (I also thought I caught a hint of Jack Reacher at one point, but that may have been my imagination.)
Make no mistake, Harris has not copied anyone. Rather, it is evident he’s been inspired by the masters and it makes for an enjoyable read.
The pacing is good and the plot and action move swiftly. That is just fine by me.
I highly recommend Coyote Courage and look forward to more adventures from its hero, Brock Clemons.

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