Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm Writing a Weird Western...

Well, y’all, I’ve decided to try my hand at writing a “weird western.” For those of you unfamiliar with weird westerns, it’s a sub-genre of oaters that dips into horror, science fiction, or fantasy. I suppose it could mashup other genres too, as there’s not a lot of rules it seems. Basically, one can let their imagination run wild.
I’m a bit nervous about my first foray into weird westerns, as I ain’t never dun it before (I think that’s proper English). I love traditional westerns, but lately I’ve been in the mood to try my hand at something a little “out there.” I came up with an idea on a recent trip to the Palo Duro Canyon, and this week I began writing it. So, below is a very short sample. And I do mean short; it’s only the first paragraph. I’ll throw it up on the Kindle when I’m done, if I’m brave enough and feel that it’s halfway worth reading. I’m playing around with the cover, and this is a very early rough draft so please don't judge the book by its cover! There will be more to come.
We’ll see how this goes…

Short Excerpt:
I rode into Canyon, Texas unsure of what I would find. Deep down, though, I feared I'd be dealing with some sort of evil of a significant magnitude. Many folks go through life overly superstitious and looking for the devil under every rock, but I’m not one of them. Truth be told, most of my investigations have led to perfectly natural explanations for the various phenomenon I have looked into. But every now and then I come across one that is truly the work of supernatural forces. In my heart of hearts I knew that would be the case out there in the West Texas desert. I prayed I was wrong as I silently rode across the northern edge of the Llano Estacado, making my way toward town. Nightfall was still a few hours off and there was plenty of sun that allowed me to see the cluster of buildings in the distance; too much sun, actually. It was the Year of Our Lord 1892. The air was hot, the dust was thick, and I was tired, hungry, and a bit cranky due to my long travels.

Told you it was short. More to come later. In the mean time, have a great Tuesday!

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